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A vintage decorative concrete option that is now back at the forefront of the industry with innovative systems, novel finishing options, longer – lasting products in a variety of mixed designs, additives, topical and advanced treatments, to give your projects the durability and beauty that you deserve.

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems offer innovative:

Bomanite Proprietary System

Exposed aggregate system that uses traditional natural pebbles and marble chippings (shanghai plaster)


Sandscape Texture™ by Bomanite is designed for outdoor applications where an alternate to a conventional concrete finish is required. Utilizing specialized mix designs, additives, topical treatments and advanced application procedures, Sandscape Texture™ by Bomanite resembles sand blasted concrete and can incorporate specialized colored sands and/or aggregates exceeding 3/8” diameter. The finish is an economical alternate to other decorative concrete finishes while producing a monolithic concrete slab at low life-cycle cost due to the pre-aged nature of the surface. Used in combination with a variety of color and staining options, Sandscape Texture™ by Bomanite creates consistent texture and durable hardscapes ideal for plazas, walkways, shopping centers, schools and more.


It is the latest patented architectural concrete system that consists of a single structural monolithic pour making it superior to veneer-type paving finishes

A highly durable surface that is suitable for interiors or exteriors and for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Zero surface delamination increases longevity of paving and reduces maintenance costs. Easily cleaned and maintained by pressure washing at 7000psi.