Project Profile

Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone

Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone is the Silicon Valley of Malaysia. The upgrading works were to replace the original high maintenance pavers on the pedestrian pavements. The extensive works were divided into four phases.

To keep the cost low, Bomanite conceived a standard homogenous design for the entire project. Creative permutation of selected colours from Bomanite's range reinvented the homogenous design with each change made to the colour combination. With a little imaginative juggling effectively fashioning a new pavement design concept, each new colour composite identified and differentiated the four phases.

Painstaking realignment and skilful contouring and calibration were essential to fit and maintain the design perspective as the walkways and road medians varied in width from five feet to one foot in some areas.

The inventive applications of design, colours and patterns of a durable and resilient product installed by master craftsmen, are the dossier of a master product. Bomanite imprinted concrete not only upgraded the impaired pavement but injected colour and vibrancy into the industrial zone. Best of all to the municipal, was its affordability!