Project Profile


ALPINE TOWER prides itself as an e-condominium. The developer employed the versatility of imprinted concrete and the skill of Bomanite craftsmanship to project its “smart-condo” tag.

The conceptual design is decidedly technical and modern. The “SKY PLAZA” is a circular feature installation with radial panels/slabs of imprinted concrete with grass intersections meant for recreational activities e.g. tai-chi or line dancing.

The Bomanite team was required to install Palimantan stones for the waterspout features at the pool, and Solnholfen on the external perimeter wall. The team also installed the pool deck , barbecue counter, planter boxes, special garden seats, pergolas, steppingstones and a reflexology path for the project.

The Bomanite craftsmen exhibited mastery in the concrete technology of their product as well as other cement application in this project.



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