Project Profile

Gold Bazaar

On September 15, 1999 Georgetown, Penang joining 99 other sites worldwide, was listed by the World Monuments Fund, New York, as an “ endangered cultural treasure’.

The Gold Bazaar upgrading works were planned for the inner city was in line with this commemorative event. With the successful implementation of Bomanite paving in Little India, the Municipal again awarded this project to Bomanite Malaysia.

In tandem with its intrinsic tourism value and its cultural and religious heritage, emphasis was placed on enhancing and preserving the three living monuments of the Masjid Kapitan Keling, Sri Mariamman Temple and the Goddes of Mercy Kuan Yin Temple. Emblematic feature pavings were specially conceived and installed for each religious house e.g. Islamic star, a Kolam and the Lotus. Feature pavings were also installed at the intersections on this very busy thoroughfare.

The Bomanite team held up well despite the time pressure and public opinion as it involved such a major arterial road. The project was completed on time and gave this downtown area a wonderful facelift!