Project Profile


When Evergreen Laurel Hotel made its debut on December 2, 1998, on what was then, the “Millionaires’ Row” in bygone days, Bomanite, too, was there to grace the occasion.

It was imperative for the architect of the project to maintain an elegant expression and a grand entrance into this prestigious north coast seafront.

From its majestic driveway, the parking foyer, the fountain courtyard to its second floor open-air pool, select colours and patterns from the Bomanite palette were fully utilized. Public walkways along this promenade too, were required by council by-laws to replicate the existing Bomanite paving design installed by the City.

A prominent feature wall in exposed aggregate of golden brown pebbles bears hotel’s brass insignia.

The affordable elegance of Bomanite coloured, imprinted and textured concrete added beauty and value to the project. That, and the professional service and quality installation by the Bomanite crew helped accomplish the certain look and tone, sensitive to its affluent locale. Bomanite’s popularity is also endorsed by the municipal requirement for cost-effective, inviting and attractive paving for its public walkways.