Project Profile

Penang Flying Club

The new Bomanite pavings that were installed for this project, worked well together with the original architecture of the existing bungalow. The finished result has the floor space of a spacious parking lot for its members, a ball court and a thematic projection of the club’s image all in one.

Two feature pavings, one of an airplane and the other, a compass were installed in imprinted concrete and pebblewash, demanding careful and dexterous skills from the Bomanite crew. The third feature, a ”radar” feature doubles up as parking lots. Low kerbed planter boxes kept the plantings neat and also demarcate parking bays. A smooth trowelled rectangular ball court was installed in Bomanite colour hardener.

The Bomanite crew was requested to construct the structural wall of the front entrance wall to receive the Coronado Stone installation and the decorative water cascade feature. The latter was installed in exposed aggregate.

Again, Bomanite has design versatility and functional utility in this project.