Project Profile

Gold Coast Resort Condominium

In the words of the owners of the Gold Coast Resort Condominium, the Bomanite team had displayed their “hall-mark skill, technical knowledge, versatility, professionalism and dedication” to win for this project, the GOLD AWARD for the Most Outstanding Bomanite Project Worldwide Year 2000.

The architect’s brief for a seaside, resort world ambience commandeered the best of Bomanite imprinted concrete patterns and colours, creativity and skills of its crew in all aspects of construction, creative application, product quality and versatility.

Specially customized colours, shell imprints and moulds were created for the thematic seascape conceptualized for the project. Both Bomanite Imprinted Concrete System and Pebb-Tech Exposed Aggregate System were fully utilized in all the hardscape installations of driveways, walkways, feature paving, pool deck, water cascade, stepping stones, barbecue pits, shower stand and water slide.

The project finished on time and exceeded the expectations of the architect and owners.



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