Project Profile

Little India

The city custodians of Georgetown set out to preserve and put on the tourist map the historical migrant enclave of Little India.

The upgrading works incorporated carriageways trishaw lanes, pedestrian walkways, parking bays and loading bays. Colours and designs for feature pavings were drawn from cultural and religious preferences. Fine detailing and motifs for drain culverts, planting rings, replication of antique bull nose bricks required special moulds, tools and trowels to be designed and made.

The magnitude of the infrastructure works demanded total commitment and design detailing from the Bomanite team to meet schedules and datelines that was so vital to public and community interests. The “Bomanite spirit” held despite the duress of public uproar in the press on account of the immeasurable disruption and inconvenience to businesses and residents in the area.

From the drawing board to the site, the Bomanite provided a superior product - exclusively offering a myriad of colours and patterns and artistic, design and cost engineering support. The city employed a reliable contractor who was timely in meeting datelines for the businesses to reopen before the Ramadhan festivities and the King’s visit during the Deepavali celebrations. By working closely with the city architects, the community and religious leaders, Bomanite helped turn around an unpopular project into a landmark restoration and conservation work.



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