Project Profile


The prestigious developer IJM Land Berhad will be remembered for giving back and contributing the Jelutong Promenade to Penang Island’s urban rehabilitation and redevelopment programme. The Promenade is to serve the new urban community of the newly built up market housing and condominium projects and commercial hub.

Vibrant hues and several imprints were chosen to implement the thematic nautical design decided for the walkway at the Promenade. The project debut the eco-friendly Ecocrete paving for its varied coloured planter boxes. Drama was added to the walkway with feature pavings of the “Sunbird, the Compass, and the Sonic Spiral.

The Bomanite team was challenged to create unity in diversity with the installation of concrete, and exposed aggregate paving and even stainless steel structures. The dynamic paving installed by Bomanite has transformed the ordinary walkway into a lifestyle community recreation area. Just as the once urban slum and squatter community is now demographically replaced by the upper and middle income populace.