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Planners and engineers can revolutionize storm water management, eliminate environment issues and save added costs early in the development process by applying the PTE Green System, as it : -

is a cost effective and innovative approach to environment protection
is an energy saving system
improves and creates a better urban environment
has zero run-offs

PTE Green System is the best way to construct extensive areas with pavement installations without interfering with the local hydrology. Usage of conventional drains and manholes are drastically reduced.

PTE Green System also mitigates heat island effect and the zero run-offs replenish ground water and reduce the magnitude and frequency of flash floods, providing the ultimate environmental and low cost solution.

PTE Green System offers


A watchword in the environmental solution industry, Grasscrete is a system that has for many years provided effective solutions to Engineers, Environmentalists and Economists throughout the world. Grasscrete Ltd UK


A unique pervious concrete system that drains rainwater quickly at a rate that eliminates surface ponding. It is a proven alternative to conventional concrete.