The best impression you can make on concrete 

For over 35 years Bomanite Malaysia has offered a full spectrum of the finest decorative flooring products and has continued to be a specialty concrete professional committed to superior production and execution of its decorative concrete installations. 
Architects, designers, main contractors, and home owners have confidently used our various flooring systems in their new residential, commercial and municipal projects or in their refurbishment projects to replace existing concrete floors, asphalt, natural stone, granite, or homogeneous tiles.  
Designers and specifiers continue to inspire us with their gift of imagination and creativity.  They are driven by their vision and creativity as much as we are by our quality and long lasting floors, be it on driveways, walkways, swimming pool decks, roof tops, walls, water features, BBQ pits, etc.  We will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the realization of your vision, creativity injected with functionality. 
Since our founding in 1982, we’ve seen enormous changes in the hardscape industry.  It takes agility and commitment like ours to pioneer new and better ways to deliver projects, meet aggressive schedules and tighter budgets, stay up front of cutting-edge technology.  We are humbled when clients across the country and our fellow Bomanite members around the world turn to us for design and technical experience. 
Bomanite Malaysia is recognized among decorative concrete contractors in the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.  You can be confident that when you specify Bomanite, you will get the highest quality products backed up by the most knowledgeable support team in the decorative concrete industry worldwide. 
Many individuals have blessed us with their loyalty since 1982.  This is only possible because our dedicated team come to work every day, for almost 4 decades, with the same intense desire to do their best.  Our mission statement has become a way of life for our team, 
THANK YOU for considering us as your partner in building our beautiful Malaysia together.