Penang Client : Ideal Property Group Award : Decorative Concrete Council Cast-in-place – Special Finishes / Under 5000 SF (2018)

With nearly 3,500 SF of exposed aggregate, the Queensbay Sculpture Garden and architectural concrete walkway were designed to highlight the entrance of a new development along the seafront at the southeastern part of Penang Island Malaysia.

Quality and color were critical in establishing the overall tone of the project. The architects were looking for a product that could handle the tropical climate, but versatile enough to provide the desired height and design aesthetics. 

The focal point of the project was an exposed aggregate concrete planter and bench made with black color and black aggregate. Radiating from the planter were alternating exposed concrete bands comprised of light and dark color and aggregate.

The planter and radiating bands are surrounded by textured concrete sidewalk resembling travertine stone. The seahorses were sculpted especially for this project and installed after the concrete work was completed.