Penang Year of completion : 2005 Award : Gold Award - Best Residential Bomanite Project Worldwide (2012)

Bomanite was chosen to create the sumptuous effect desired for a permanent impression of class and character in keeping with the Teh Residence, an imposing two-storey mansion and the neighbourhood of Lim Mah Chye Road.

An elaborate driveway embellished with a stylized medallion was planned. The tint in this concrete is its first call to compliment. The next notable thing is the imprint and design. Bomanite Ashlar Slate Pattern in Desert Tan colour hardener with Light Gray Release Agent, is antiqued with Coquina, Chargreen and Harvest Amber.

At the carport and patio the same but narrower 200 mm wide border; an inset panel of nine rectangles on the Ashlar Slate background. This adds decorative flair and variety and in turn demarcates different use areas.

What creates the additional wow-factor on entry to this grand property is the medallion feature paving. The circular design incorporates a planter bed in one quadrant. The areola of the design is imprinted with the Gardenstone pattern in Harvest Amber and Resort Brown Release Agent and complimented with the same antiquing colour selection. The next 2 meter wide panel has a Slate Textured finish in a contrasting Cream colour hardener.  Dramatic 450mm exposed aggregate 10mm black pebble borders form distinct curvilinear boundaries between the different panels.Fragmented circular borders create an ocular effect of sonic wave movements generating from the nucleus.

The sanitation storage area, tucked away to the left of the driveway, was given a discreet Cream Colour with a washed Sandstone finish and a 45-degree; saw-cut pattern. The culvert covers beyond the gated entrance add length and design aesthetics with their exposed aggregate pebble texture and diamond-shaped inserts.