Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems bring the vintage decorative concrete option to the forefront of the industry with innovative systems, longer-lasting products, and a variety of designs that combine the durability you need with the beauty you desire. 

Exposed aggregate finishes have been around since anyone can remember; the practical design option that was never flashy enough, sometimes uneven and always lost its appeal as the embedded aggregates "popped out" over time. But that was then. 

Today, with new technology and inventive products, novel exposed aggregate finishing options have emerged from Bomanite to breathe new life into the aged decorative concrete technique. With a variety of modernized mixes and an unlimited palette of colors, textures and aggregate options to choose from, Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems offer three cost-effective solutions that are more durable than ever and reveal just how brilliant concrete can be. Modernizing a throw-back, Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems offer innovative aggregate solutions to meet all of your design needs. Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems are installed by a network of highly skilled, specially trained franchise partners.