Bomanite Environmental Systems are a variety of cast-in-place, monolithic, pervious concrete pavements that are continuously reinforced to provide superior structural integrity. The Bomanite Environmental Systems are designed to provide professionals with truly sustainable, eco-friendly systems to accommodate a variety of needs. Bomanite Environmental Systems provide a variety of landscape solutions and still maintain a sustainable green product design.

Grasscrete Grassrete: A cast-in-place cellular concrete, permeable grass paving system, which is continuously reinforced to an engineered design, providing a high level of structural integrity.Grasscrete has become a world leading system, specified across many different and diverse applications including being used extensively in flood projects where it meets the challenge of storm-driven water flow, or in highway works where it faces heavy vehicular loads. Grasscrete is perfect for fire and emergency access routes and carparks. Environmental benefits can continue further with the use of recycled materials in the choice of aggregates and in the re-use of excavated top soils. Grasscrete has a key role to play in the "greening" of an urban landscape, with its CO2 digesting function and its ability to be part of an integrated surface water drainage system, which can help to both attenuate flood risk as well as being a significant component of rainwater harvesting. Grass Concrete Ltd, UK and Bomanite International Ltd are partners, and are looking to develop available territories to bring about environmental change on a global basis.

EcoKrete / Pervious Concrete
Pervious concrete, also referred to as porous concrete, permeable concrete, no-fines concrete, gap-graded concrete, and/or enhanced-porosity concrete pavement is a unique and effective method used by concrete professionals to address important environmental issues and support sustainable growth initiatives. By capturing stormwater and allowing it to seep into the ground, porous concrete is instrumental in recharging groundwater, reducing stormwater runoff, and meeting governmental stormwater regulations. This pavement technology creates more efficient land use by eliminating the need for retention ponds, swales, and other stormwater management devices. In doing so, pervious concrete has the ability to lower overall project costs.